The Art of Chuck Jones: Splitting Hares


Splitting Hares merges two great moments from the Chuck Jones directed 1952 film, Water, Water, Every Hare (to learn more about the title's literary allusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, click here.) While Bugs Bunny engages Gossamer in conversation, "…eh, what's up, Doc?" the mad scientist descends the castle keep, ax poised, ready to split the hare's cranium in his futile attempt to use Bugs' brains for his mechanical monster.

The second of Jones' films to star the big, orange, lump-headed monster Gossamer, Water, Water, Every Hare (the first was Hair-Raising Hare, 1946) combines the slapstick antics of many of Jones' earlier cartoons with a dreamy, surreal quality that underscores the wit and vitality of the director.

Flooding into theaters on April 19, 1952 Water, Water, Every Hare was directed by Charles M. Jones with story by Michael Maltese and animation by Ben Washam, Ken Harris, Phil Monroe and Lloyd Vaughn.  Scenic layouts were by Robert Gribbroek and the backgrounds were painted by Philip DeGuard.  The effects animation was created by Harry Love and the voice actor was Mel Blanc.  Carl W. Stalling provided the musical direction. 

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  1. david jones

    great toon a true classic ive got a looney toons guide book i thaink vincent price was a guest star vocie for the mad doctor he was under contract for wb at the time


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