Image of the Day: The Dover Boys

Chuck Jones' 1942 collegiate romp The Dover Boys set a standard for animation that influenced the cartoons at Warner Bros. (and all the other studios) for years to come.  Riffing on limited animation, movement is characterized by abrupt changes in position held together by "smears" of color indicating fast motion and inducing much laughter.  In his later years, Chuck Jones mentored a group of young animators including Chris Bailey, Kelly AsburyJeff DeGrandis and Rob Minkoff, affectionately calling them The Dover Boys. 

DBPS-01-003 copy

Adjectives for the Dover boys (and I quote): Dick = Daring, Dashing, Dauntless, Darling, Debonair, Dolt.  Tom = Fun-loving, laughing-haired, curly-eyed kid.  Larry = Serious, sensible, serene, selfless, stoic. 

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