Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

Monday, 18th of May, 1953

Post #44

Hello, offspring:

We have had two letters in the last two weeks, aggregating nineteen words, not counting headings and endings, which are not even charged for in a telegram.  For these two letters, you put out six cents in postage or about three words for a cent.  The United States post office department usually operates at a deficit, but I think you have discovered a simple effective solution:  charge by the word.  This letter, for instance, as far as it has gone would cost me about twenty-seven cents at three words for a cent.  Six hundred words, about average for a letter, would of course cost two dollars.  Hell, we could even balance the budget:  You’re a very intelligent girl after all.

We are going to see Cinerama tonight as Eddie’s [Selzer, producer] guests.  Cinerama is the process that uses the fantastically wide screen: three times as wide and one and half times as high, I believe.  It is necessary to redesign your theater for about one hundred Gs before you can play it.  I understand it is quite an experience, one that we will repeat with you when you return, also 3-D, which you will I’m sure find interesting, at least the first time.

It looks like our Easter trip, if it comes off at all, will come later in the summer.  Johnny Burton, you will remember him as general manager here, came to the brink of an nervous breakdown last week and was ordered on a six-week rest, which means that if Friz [Freleng] and I both left, at the same time, it would leave the studio to the tender mercies of one E. Selzer, whose intentions are undoubtedly good, but whose skill as a director might be open to question.  We will go to Asilomar [square dance conference], all three of us, that is and I’m sure you will this year enjoy the dancing.

Well, if you think I am going to write the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire at those prices you are sadly, do you hear me: sadly, mistaken.

For some reason, that now escapes me, I still love you dearly.

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