Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

Friday, January 12, 1953(4)

Post #49

Dearest Child;

You last letter was a sort of
puzzling one and I’m not going to attempt to analyze it yet.  Keep us
informed what your thinking is though.  I’ll never hold you to a chance
remark as being some kind of gospel, yet such offhand opinions in
aggregate often give a much clearer idea of the conditions that exist
and the state of your feelings than some carefully considered
statement.  Catch?

As Dottie told me she told you we
are again in the throes of the good old Academy.  We have a good
cartoon up, the one I narrated for you about a year ago concerning the
little boy who day-dreamed:  “FROM A TO Z-Z-Z-Z”.  It is, I believe, a
happy compromise between the stylized limited UPA-ish approach and the
Disney tendency to over-animate.  It was received well by the academy
judging committee and I have received several enthusiastic calls from
friends who saw and like it.  All this adds up to the possibility of it
perhaps failing to even be nominated, but I do believe that it merits
that.  Once again, as it must every year, we will just have to wait and

I woke up last Saturday feeling
somehow different.  I knew there was rain in the offing.  Not that day
because it was absolutely cloudless and sparkling, but soon, of that I
was positive.  Then while I was shaving I suddenly realized what was
different: my hair was lying down.  During all this very dry, cold
weather it had a tendency to be very floaty and impulsive and get all
charged up with electricity, but today it was acting like hair, very
orderly and mannerly.  The odd part was though that I knew it meant
rain, and soon.  So I told Dottie that it would rain within three days
and I’ll be Billybedamned if Monday it didn’t cloud over in a lovely
storm and just beat its brains out raining. Now how the devil did my
hair know two days in advance and how did it know to tell me?  Real
bright hair.

How did the poor old woman make
out?  I meant to tell you that you are under no obligation to use it,
show it, or preserve it.  Things that are fun to do are not necessarily
fun to use.  I enjoyed doing it because I felt like it, but it won’t
hurt my enjoyment a bit to have it incinerated or anything else that
seems proper and fitting a fate.  [an illustration of the song, The
Poor Old Woman, She Swallowed a Fly]

Heard of a man in Greenwich Village
in New York with a diabolic sense of humour who inserted an ad in a
newspaper the day after Christmas GOOD PRICES FOR USED CHRISTMAS TREES
and added the address of a friend.  There was a traffic jam to end all
traffic jams.

I love you with a curious detached fatherly attitude untouched by criticism.

Your devoted sire…

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  1. Gardenwife

    That’s funny about his hair predicting the rain! I love that closing, too – “I love you with a curious detached fatherly attitude untouched by criticism”. 🙂


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