Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda


Post # 42


8, 1953




will not be a very chatty letter, but I have just written to C….[the
headmaster], giving him the whole picture and explaining generally what we
three discussed over the weekend. 
I was very frank, Linda, and told him that we would in effect strain our
gut and our bank account even if no arrangement could be made for you to
help.  I told him that you had
earned the right to return, but that beyond that you were eager to share in the
family responsibility if at all possible. 
If not, we’d probably do it anyway.


can see almost nothing to bar your returning beyond some catastrophe.  I just hope that some arrangement can
be made to ease the cost a little. 
It’s rather unfortunate that I am not skilled in some craft that is
needed at the ranch.  Think they
could use Dottie for a week or so at the beginning and end of semesters to help
in the office?  She’s a damn good
stenographer, as you know.  Just
thought of that.  Any sense to
it?  I’m sure it would please her
and she wouldn’t get in your hair.


will probably talk to you and you have my complete authority to make whatever
decisions make sense to you.  If he
doesn’t talk to you, he will write to me. 
I’ll keep you completely informed. 
Write to me here at the studio if it seems necessary.  I am certain that we can work this
thing out satisfactorily.


to the old drawing board.



love, love….



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