Image of the Day: Touche and Go

TOGO-01-021 blog Original layout drawing by Chuck Jones, graphite on 12 field animation paper. 
Courtesy Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

If you're at all like me (and not French) your first taste of the 'language of love' came directly from the amorous lips of Chuck Jones' Pepe le Pew.  In 1957 Chuck directed Touche and Go, from which the above layout drawing heralds.  With just a few deft strokes of his pencil, he captures all of the emotion of the moment. 

"Pepe le Pew is the individual I always wanted to be, so sure of his appeal to women that it never occurs to him that his attention might be unwelcome or even offensive.  I tried to make Pepe's confidence a part of my own personality, hoping to share in his sexual success.  On the screen it worked."  –Chuck Jones, pg. 222, Chuck Reducks, Drawing From the Fun Side of Life

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