Chuck Jones: The Persistence of Carrots

"The Persistence of Carrots" limited edition hand-pulled stone lithograph by Chuck Jones

"Fortunately for me I had a father who devoured an enormous quantity of books.  So I read everything that fell into my hands:  Aesop, Balzac, La Fontaine, Peter Rabbit, Mark Twain, Dickens, the dictionary, O. Henry, anything.  But even authors like Jean-Paul Sartre inspire me in a sort of reverse action with lots of ideas.  "No Exit" (that will surprise you) is for me a mine of gags, since it symbolizes the frustration of the human condition.  And as for James Joyce, whom I cannot read without a Gaelic dictionary–and a Greek dictionary, a Bible, a book of liturgical vestments and an almanac–will, anyone who has a Gaelic dictionary knows it is one of the humorous masterpieces of the world.  So the peripheral advantages of research are manifest."  — Chuck Jones, quoted in Stroke of Genius: A Collection of Paintings and Musings on Life, Love and Art

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