Chuck Jones: Forward March Hare

Acme eye chart layout w doc

On February 4, 1953 Forward March Hare debuted in theaters around the country.  This short, directed by Chuck Jones and written with Michael Maltese, asks the pertinent question, "Who drafted Bugs Bunny?"  Bugs, having received the notice from the Selective Service sent to B. Bonny, signs up anyway and the havoc begins.  The above layout drawing depicts the eye doctor conducting a portion of the physical exam that Bugs endures utilizing the Acme Eye Test Chart

Bugs and

For each short cartoon he directed, Chuck Jones contributed hundreds of layout drawings that were used by his animators as the endcaps to the action and the acting.  "Every great comedian makes himself available to his audience.  That is, the traits that define his personality the audience must be able to recognize in itself.  Even though, as in the case of Daffy or Bugs, the audience does not have the courage to exercise them."  Chuck Jones quoted in Stroke of Genius: A Collection of Paintings and Musings on Life, Love and Art.

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