Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda


Post #33


January 13, 1953


Dear Linda;


I guess Dottie has
already answered your last letter and reassured you on the point you mentioned,
but I think I’ll talk a little about it, too, if only to get it off my
mind. I certainly would consider it odd if you could not freely make any
intelligent criticism you liked about anyone you cared to without fear that we
would carry it to the interested party. 
But in truth, I do not remember you finding anything very seriously
wrong with anybody or anything there at the school.  I want to tell you this so that you can always freely answer
anything you like without fear that we have gone over your head.  As far as I know, it was all sheer


It was great fun
having you home with us for what amounted to a surprisingly few days.  You are proceeding into womanhood in a
pleasant, very sane and attractive way. 
Once Samuel Goldwyn was playing golf with his instructor (he was and is
a notoriously poor golfer) when he drove a beautiful shot, sweet, straight and
almost directly to the green.  He
turned in amazement to the instructor, “What did I do right?” he gasped.  This is the way I often feel when I see
and observe you: what did I do right? 
I suppose you would tend to become a sort of inflated ego type girl if
you were not sensibly aware that fathers are notorious patsies for their
daughters.  If you had three arms
and a purple goatee I guess I would think it the purplest of all.


We will be going to
Tucson for the Southern Arizona Square Dance Festival the 24th and
25th of this month.  We
won’t see you that trip, but hope to the weekend of the 5-6th of
Feb, when we will be in Phoenix for the Valley of the Sun Festival.  Perhaps you can come down with the
orthodontias if that is their Saturday or we may drive up.  We are flying over to Phoenix, but Bob
Merkley has kindly offered us the use of his station wagon if needed.  So.


Academy showings
coming up soon.  I think we have in
“Duck Amuck” an excellent chance to attain the finals and an outside but
fighting chance to win.  We’ll see.


My highest regards
to one and all and love to you of course…


Thy degenerate sire

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