Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda


Post # 38


Monday, Feb.




This must be
a short note on account of it is nearly five o’clock and I’ve got [art] class
tonight, but I did want to bring you up to date and also get a check to
you.  If the check is not enclosed
I will have forgotten to do even that. 
This has been a very crowded day: story session this morning having to
do with the man who invented the portable hole, just buy a package of these
convenient holes and if you want a hole, just glue one on the object and reach
in:  very convenient for getting
babies out of safes, for sneaking home at night without opening the front door,
an excellent part of a dog’s equipment: no need to dig any more.  A very nice story idea, wish it was


No word from
Dottie since I talked to you Saturday. 
 I am so pleased and happy
and in love with her.  All of her
adult life she has grown and developed and striven to become a more adult and
intelligent person and the beauty of it is that she has become a real zany,
too.  I am very grateful for her
and I hope you are, too.  Look
around at many of the other women of her age [45] and you soon realize what an
absolutely fine person she is. 


As always,
I‘ve enjoyed being a bachelor for a little while.  It is fun being mothered by our friends.  I spent the weekend with nana [his
mother], which pleased us both. 
She, too, is a swell gal with a nice straight back and good straight
mind.  Very active and fun to be
with and to talk to.


Well, off I
go…I love you, too, and you jolly well know what kind of a person I think you
are.  You little slob.

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