Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda


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January 21, 1953 (4)


Dearest Linda;


I received this
letter today or rather the studio received it and I knew you would enjoy it and
be pleased by it as much as I was.


     Warner Bros. Studio

     Hollywood, California


     Dear Sirs:


          I have just seen another of your animated
cartoons featuring the “Roadrunner”. 
In my opinion, this is one of your very funniest series and affords me
the kind of humor that bubbles up from way down inside.  True genius was at work creating this masterpiece
of characterization.


          I think that to me the speed of that
Road-runner typifies our modern society, and the thwarted efforts of that
coyote to catch him typify our own efforts to combat our fast moving civilization. 


Perhaps that makes
it so hilarious, but the fact remains that my seeing that cartoon brought me
out of a terrible mood during the Christmas rush, and I laughed (literally) ‘til
I cried.  Many thanks for much


                         Joanne B****

                         *** W. 1st Street

                         Winston-Salem, N.C.


Isn’t that
nice?  It is a very gratifying
thing when someone will take the time to jot down her thoughts so.  It is a pity that more of us do not do


Another nice thing
has happened.  I have been invited
to act as master of ceremonies at the Nebraska Centennial (sp?) at Omaha, May
21st and 22nd.  They are
having this gigantic year long celebration and one of the high points will be a
two-day dance Festival.  Well, they
want me to do it and are willing to pay airfare for Dottie and me to and from
Omaha.  Gollee! as you used to say.


When John Barrymore
was dying he sent for his old friend Gene Fowler.  Fowler raced to his bedside and knelt to hear the last words
of the great actor.  “Is it true,”
whispered Barrymore, “that you are the illegitimate son of Buffalo Bill?”  There is something magnificent about
that, isn’t there?


Round dancing at the
Hamilton’s tonight.  Boy, how I do
sweat at those sessions. 
Enjoyable, but hard work.  I
didn’t do nearly enough dancing as a young man.


I love you mightily.



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