Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

Post #26

Wednesday P.M.
October 30, 52

My darling Linda;

I’m pooped.  I’m poop ed, bushed, tired, frazzled, burned out, wilted, exhausted, all in, corked, washed up and worn down.  I’m weary and winded.  This has been one of the truly tiring days of my short happy tenure in this vale of tears.  Chee-rist!  Why must I try to do it all in one day?  Hm?  There’s plenty of time. I’ve got years and years to go yet…oh no I haven’t.  Not if I continue at this pace.  I’ll last about thirteen days.  Well, I’m going to slow down a bit.

I was sorry indeed to see you leave this morning.  It was a short but happy visit we had, wasn’t it?  God, you look wonderful.  Never, never have you looked happier, more competent, or sweeter…I guess being away for a while is a healthy thing.  It gives one a perspective otherwise lacking.  Tell Paul[school’s head cook] I expect great things from him on account of he’s a great man.  I truly mean it.  There is a spark about a man when he really knows and enjoys his job that cannot be counterfeited (counterfeit: how do you like that..what about this I before e nonsense now?)  Anyway, I think Paul’s cooking agrees with you, as why in the Hell shouldn’t it?

I have a hunch, Linda, that you will not get quite so many letters from me as you have up to now.  I know that you don’t need them so much.  It is pleasant, I know, but what I wanted to do at the start was to supply the need you would have during those first critical days and weeks.  You don’t look very lonely to me now and so I shall write when I can.  It will be often and the letters will perhaps be longer, but they will probably not be written every day.  I’ve got to knock out another outside picture in order to catch that next semester’s tuition.  We could pay for it out of savings, but I would rather not do so if we can help it.  After seeing the layout over there and the way you fit into it, I am only too willing to put in the extra effort.

I’m not going to go on record as to next year, Linda, because I just don’t know.  Too many factors may enter into it and it would be foolish for me to say ‘yes’ and later have to withdraw.  Dottie wants you at home for at least two years before you go away to college and I can’t say that I blame her, because I want you, too.  The chances of making the decision in favor of your staying are not determinable at this time.  Enjoy this year to the fullest, just as you are doing, and don’t worry about the future.  Whatever way it goes you’re going to have one Hell of a good time.

Not much to be gained by reading that last paragraph again, it sure doesn’t leave you with much information.

I love you, love you and bestow you with kisses fragrant with myrrh


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