Chuck Jones’ Letters to his daughter, Linda (Winter Break and Linda goes home for two weeks, so there aren’t any letters.)


While she’s home, let’s look back at some of the statistics of 1952…what
was going on in the world while Linda was getting used to her new boarding
school experience


Events in 1952

  • Albert Einstein refuses Presidency of Israel
  • Big Bang Theory of the creation of the
    Universe first propounded
  • Elizabeth II becomes Queen upon the death of
    her father George VI.
  • De Havilland 110 fighter aircraft breaks up over
    spectators at Farnborough Air Show killing 30
  • Three Trains crash at Harrow in North London
  • The Mau Mau Rebellion starts in Kenya
  • South African Police Arrest Nelson Mandella
  • India holds it's first general
  • Thick smog on December 4th in
    England causes 4,000 fatalities
  • Britain announces it has Atomic Bomb
  • Live Atomic bomb Test from testing site in Yucca
    , Nevada shown on Television
  • California has it's second largest earthquake
    rocking 100,000 sq miles
  • Charlie Chaplin refused entry back to the US after
    living in Hollywood for 20 years.
  • Rocky Marciano becomes world heavyweight champion after
    knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott
  • Vice Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon defends
    himself on Television over allegations of secret cash fund
  • 3300 die of polio in U.S.; 57,000 children are
  • The Last London Trams Decommissioned
  • Mother Teresa opens the home for dying and
    destitute in Calcutta
  • The Summer Olympics are held in July
    in Helsinki, Finland
  • Puerto Rico becomes a Self Governing
    Commonwealth Of the United States
  • Steel Plants Placed Under Presidential Control after
    Steel Unions Threaten to Strike
  • Military coup d'etat in Egypt headed
    by Nasser
  • The Winter Olympic Games are held in
    Oslo, Norway
  • The Today Show premieres on NBC
  • The first commercial jet plane, the BOAC’s Comet is put into
  • A tropical storm forms north of Cuba and moves
    northeast making landfall in Florida.  It is the earliest reported formation of a tropical
    record in the Atlantic basin.
  • The film The African Queen opens at the Capitol Theatre
    in New York City.
  • Churchill’s government in the UK abolishes Identity
    to “set
    people free.”
  • Fulgencio Batista leads a successful coup in Cuba.
  • Alan Freed presents the Moondog Coronation Ball, the
    first rock and roll concert
    , in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Sun Records begins operation.
  • In a radio
    address to the nation from the White House, President Harry S. Truman
    calls for the seizure of all steel mills
    in the United States in order to prevent a
    nationwide strike.
  • Secretaries
    (now Administrative
    Professionals' Day) is first celebrated.
  • Occupied
    Japan: The United States occupation of Japan ends.
  • U.S.
    lieutenant colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict land a
    plane at the geographic North Pole.
  • The
    concept for the integrated circuit
    , the basis for all modern computers, is first published by
    Geoffrey W.A. Dummer.
  • Dwight
    D. Eisenhower retires
    active service in the United States Army.
  • Catalina
    affair, a Swedish Douglas DC-3 was shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 fighter
  • The
    keel is laid for the nuclear submarine USS Nautilus
  • Puerto
    Rico's Constitution is approved

    by the Congress of the United States.
  • The
    15th Olympic Games
    begin in
    Helsinki, Finland.
  • Puerto
    becomes a self-governing
    commonwealth of the United States.
  • Hussein
    proclaimed king of Jordan
  • The
    Arab League
    goes into effect.
  • Reparation
    negotiations between West Germany and Israel
    end in Luxembourg; West Germany to pay 3 billion
  • Premiere
    of John Cage's 4'33
    " in Woodstock, New York.
  • United
    Nations gives Eritrea to Ethiopia
  • The
    US bars Charlie Chaplin
    from reentering
    the country after a trip to England
  • United
    Kingdom successfully tests a nuclear weapon.
  • The
    United States successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb
    , codenamed "Mike" , at Eniwetok island
    in the Bikini atoll located in the Pacific Ocean.
  • U.S.
    presidential election
    Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats Democrat Adlai Stevenson.
  • Agatha
    Christie's murder-mystery play The Mousetrap
    opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London,
    still the longest continuously running play in history).
  • Korean
    : US president-elect Dwight
    D. Eisenhower fulfills a campaign promise by traveling to Korea to find
    out what can be done to end the conflict.
  • The
    New York Daily News reports the first successful sexual reassignment
  • A
    "killer fog" descends on London ("Smog" for
    "smoke" and "fog" becomes a word).
  • The
    Abbott and Costello Show

    starring comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, debuts.

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