Paw de Deux: Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd Dance in “What’s Opera, Doc?”

From Goebel's
Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection, the Chuck Jones Signature Series,
classic moment from What's Opera, Doc?  This first (and only) figurine
in the Chuck Jones Signature Series comes from the cartoon selected as
#1 short film in 50 Greatest Cartoons and the first short cartoon
inducted into the National Film Archive.  Individually numbered, hand-signed by Chuck Jones.   

Jones hand-signed each piece; includes a card featuring the cartoon scene on which the figurine was based. 

Includes a photograph of Jones signing the figurines–photo is signed
by Linda Jones Clough (Chuck's daughter) and Marian Jones (his widow).

Available now on eBay.  Bid now!  All proceeds from the sale of this item go to Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

Paw de Deux figurine

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