Chuck Jones: Rabbit Rope Trick

RABBIT ROPE TRICK                       

On their way to Pismo Beach*, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck make
that wrong turn at Albuquerque and end up in a secret treasure cave in
Baghdad.  Thus opens, Chuck Jones’ 1957 Ali Baba Bunny.  It doesn’t take but a
New York second for Daffy to realize that their travel mistake will make him
“comfortably well-off”.  The guardian of
the treasure, Hassan, tries his best to halt the thievery, but is stopped by
the implacable Bugs Bunny.  Rabbit Rope
brings to life one of the classic moments from this film.  Created from Chuck Jones’ original drawing,
each cel in the edition is hand-painted by expert cel painters.

“Ali Baba Bunny” premiered February 9 and was directed by
Charles M. Jones.  Michael Maltese wrote
the story with animation by Richard Thompson, Ken Harris, Abe Levitow and Ben
Washam and effects animation by Harry Love. 
Maurice Noble created the layouts, the backgrounds were painted by
Philip DeGuard and the film editor was Treg Brown.  Voice characterization was provided by Mel
Blanc and musical direction by Carl Stalling and Milt Franklyn. 


*Pismo Beach, California is located on the central coast
between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. 
In the early part of this century through the 1950’s, Pismo Beach had a
reputation in Hollywood for a less than genteel population.  Noted for its gambling dens and bordellos
situated in quaint little cottages by the sea, it drew many a Hollywood
personality.  (And the clams weren’t
half-bad either, although they’re a protected species now.)

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