Chuck Jones Image of the Day: 1956

Just came across this image in my journey through an archive drawer:


This is a layout drawing by Chuck Jones from Barbary Coast Bunny, 1956.  This is the original drawing that Chuck drew to communicate to the animators what Bugs Bunny would look like at the precise moment while delivering his line in response to Nasty Canasta's asking if he wanted to play 'Draw Poker'.

Here is the scene from the film:

Barbary Coast Grab

And here is a link to the cartoon on Yutube:

I hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Chuck Jones Image of the Day: 1956

  1. Larry Levine

    Beautiful, expressive CJ layout drawing from one of my favorite cartoons!!! It’s an even greater treat to see the entire sheet of paper with Chuck’s dialogue & notes.

  2. Bill Heeter

    Gotta love it, especially Bugs’ expression–classic Chuck! I still regret missing out on the watercolor Chuck did a decade or so ago with the same gag; again, the expressions and detail were fabulous. Thanks for sharing Craig!


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