Chuck Jones Genuinely Cared: One Example

We received a comment in the last few days on my post from February 7 Years and Still Living On…

When I read it today, I thought is truly epitomized the way Chuck cared about people, remembered people, and made a lasting impression on people by his incredible presence and caring.

Thank you, Greg, for taking the time to bring this memory back to us.

I worked for the NBC affiliate in New Orleans. I had the pleasure of
meeting Mr. Jones when he came to New Orleans to donate his time to the
annual Children's Hospital Telethon. At the time I was a studio camera
operator. One day in the studio Mr. Jones and I were speaking of family
and I told him I had two young children and mentioned their names. He
seemed to be truly interested in what I had to say. I was a young man
at the time and impressed with his genuine sense of care. About two
weeks after the telethon I received a package at the station. Inside
that package was a sketch of Bugs Bunny standing behind a studio camera
that had the call signs WDSU on its side. Bugs was wearing a head set
with his hands on the controls. There was a short message next to Bugs
that read " To Tara and Hutch, love Bugs Bunny and Chuck Jones". That
sketch has been hanging in my daughter Tara's room since the day I
brought it home. Thank you Chuck Jones. I will never forget.

Posted by:
Greg Gonzales |
June 05, 2009 

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