Chuck Jones: 100% Charlie Dog


Rescued by Chuck Jones from the Warner Bros. character
pound where he had been abandoned, Charlie Dog had first appeared in Bob
Clampett’s 1941 Porky’s Pooch.   Jones, however, had found an altogether
different dog upon his release from the ‘pound’ and it is this dog that debuted
in Jones’ Little Orphan Airedale of

“Charlie Dog is one of my favorite characters.  I don’t understand him, but I do like
him.  He is so unquestionably a dog.  Charlie is merely trying to find a master and
a home, which are perfectly natural ambitions for any dog.  Comedy is always concerned with simple
matters such as this.”—Chuck Jones,
Reducks, Drawing From the Fun Side of the Life


Filmography, all directed by Jones:

  • ·       
    Orphan Airedale
    (1947) with Porky
  • ·       
    Awful Orphan
    (1949) with Porky
  • ·       
    an Orphan
    (1949) with Porky
  • ·       
    Gone South
    (1950) with Colonel Shuffle and Belvedere
  • ·        
    A Hound
    for Trouble

Although foreshadowed in Little Orphan Airedale, it wasn’t until Often an Orphan that Charlie Dog produced his greatest sales pitch,
to be whatever you need him to be. 
Whether it’s 50 percent Pointer (pointing), 50 percent Boxer (boxing),
50 percent Setter (setting), 50 percent Spitz (into a spittoon, no less!), 50
percent Pinscher (ouch!) or 100 percent Labrador Retriever!  He says, “If you doubt my word, get me a
labrador and I’ll retrieve it!”

of all, Charlie Dog is 100 percent “St. Bernard” in the latest limited edition fine art creation from Chuck Jones.  In 100% Charlie Dog, we find Charlie Dog
purveying his pedigree 11 different times! 
Measuring 24” x 17.5”, 100%
Charlie Dog
has been based upon original drawings by Chuck Jones and produced in an edition of only 200; it
bears the official signature mark of Chuck Jones.

2 thoughts on “Chuck Jones: 100% Charlie Dog

  1. Wyman Brent

    Just as long as Charlie doesn’t have fleas, I think he will make a fine addition to any home or doghouse.

  2. Larry Levine

    These are among my favorite CJ cartoons. I love when Charlie Dog calculates each of his long list of breed mixtures as 50% (using the Max Bialystock/Leo Bloom percentage method).


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