Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

# 15 Post:

Thursday, Oct 9, 1952

Dearest Linda;

Well, now I’ve heard everything.  A call just came over the loudspeaker in the hall, “All personnel owning television sets, please report to the projection room.”  Boy, what a distinction!  Dick Thompson was here in my room when the clarion call came.  I told him to go, since he had a set and would probably never again be singled out in such a distinctive manner.  Do you suppose that Jack Warner has ordered all television owners in his employ to be summarily executed?  Here they come back…now for the revelation.

All right, get this:  Mrs. Harry Warner said to Mr. Harry Warner that she had seen on television last Sunday night a Krazy Kat cartoon with Leon Schlesinger’s name on it.  Krazy Kat, holy cow!  So Mr. Warner told Mr. Selzer [producer] about it and asked him to run it down. 

It should, of course, have stopped right there, since Leon didn’t make Krazy Kat.  (Oh, I’d better remind you that the Warners have expressly forbidden any of their products to be used on television and, of course, this includes all of the old cartoons that went with the deal when Leon sold out). 

And, also, we know that a short that plugged bonds was made for the U.S. Treasury Department in 1942, I believe, and given to the Treasury Department, without strings attached. 

With a new interest in sales of Treasury bonds, the Treasury has released this short to television.  Everybody knows this, Eddie [Selzer] included, and this was undoubtedly what Mrs. Warner saw. 

It’s sort of a distorted viewpoint to confuse Bugs with Krazy Kat, but it’s happened before. 

But Eddie was not satisfied.  He had a bone in his teeth and he’s going to worry it to splinters.  Trouble is, he doesn’t have enough to do and here was a big fat issue, a dragon to slay for his beloved Mr. Warner.  So off we go, jousting windmills.  But can you imagine calling all the studio people who own sets and asking them if they saw this terrible thing?  Mike [Maltese] returned looking dazed, very dazed indeed.

Oh, we had a lovely [square] dance last night.  It was one of those nights when Ed [Gilmore, the caller] was hotter than a pistol, when the dancers were good and in happy spirits, when the musicians were high and when the floor (just sanded) was in magnificent condition.  I don’t know when dancing has been so good, so exciting and such fun.  Good old square dancing.  I owe it a great debt indeed.

Did Dottie tell you that we heard from both Norma and Harland?  Very nice, polite, self-conscious letters.  They suffer from the dame sort of mental constipation that most people become afflicted with when they sit down to write. THANK GOD YOU DON’T!!  Poor chickens, they couldn’t quite get down a natural sentence.  I felt sorry for them.

Speak up, I say.  Speak forth or be done with it.  Resign from the human race; join the cauliflower clan, a very quiet, reserved group.  We have the gift of speech and we speak not; we have the gift of thought and we think not; we have the marvelous gift of creativeness denied to other animals, and do we use it?  It is to laugh.  We have, for that matter, the gift of laughter, and do we use it?  It is to cry.

Seems to me you’re getting prettier by the day.  I know you’re getting more wonderful.

Kisses then from you admirer….



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