Chuck Jones: June Groom

Here Comes the Groom

years after the release of “Bugs & Bride ”, this Chuck Jones limited edition hand-painted 82542 animation cel is the fifth image he created celebrating the institution of marriage.  This time around, Bugs’ beloved has swept our
intrepid rabbit off his feet as they begin their new life together in the 21st
century.  Celebrate with them as they
head for their honeymoon suite at the Coachella Valley Carrot Festival Resort
and Spa!

line drawing for this limited edition was created by Chuck Jones and has been
serigraphically transferred to an acetate sheet.  Meticulously hand-painted by expert cel
painters, each of these cels are authenticated by the official Chuck
Jones signature-mark.  As was true of the
very first “Bugs & Bride”, this cel is accompanied by a hand-cut,
brocade wallpaper background.*

1977, with the release of the very first limited edition hand-painted animation
cel, “Duck Dodgers Group”, by Chuck Jones, Linda Jones Clough began
to create the backgrounds which accompanied them.  These backgrounds, many collaged and
hand-painted, reinforced the essence of Chuck Jones’ character drawings.

using pantone paper and wallpaper at other times, Linda cut, glued, heat-sealed
and painted each of the backgrounds for every example in an edition for nearly
eight years.  Her backgrounds were the
perfect stages for the antics of the drawings created by her father.  The release of “Here Comes the Groom” and   “Carrot Cake” heralds the return of these special

One thought on “Chuck Jones: June Groom

  1. Silvia Lisart

    I always though that making cells is a special kind of art, a precious and unique way to keep an art treasure on your own…and of course the ones of Chuck Jones have always been my favorite!
    Alongside this serie with Honey Bunny as the bride, I used to enjoy another one, in which the various Looney tunes charachters were playing with their kid counterparts…in particular I saw once there were various with Wile E. Coyote and his Baby released for the opening of a child hospital during the 80’s…am I wrong?


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