Discovered Chuck Jones Sketch Book Pages ~ Part 1

I was looking through my book case today for my copy of Jerry Beck's '50 Greatest Cartoons' for some reference material on an article I'm writing and came across one of Chuck's sketch books from 1960. 


The handwriting on the cover is from my grandmother, Dorothy, which reads: "You really have caught the spirit – I salute you – Sir – Love D.      6-9-60 Berlin"

As an aside, it had a note stuck on it, probably from the late 90s because of the 'Friends' reference, that was about Jenniefer Aniston and what films she might be in.  I don't see any connection between the sketch book and the note, but things got piled together over the years and I thought it interesting… I don't recall pursuing the request.  It's actually amazing what we find in certain books at times…


Anyway,I thought it was fascinating to see what he drew in this book and how wonderful his thought process was in capturing the expressions of people, their postures, and their character in such a brief moment in time.

These are literally the first five pages of this sketch book.

The book measures 9.5 x 7 inches.

I hope you enjoy…







I would love to hear your thoughts on these treasures…

5 thoughts on “Discovered Chuck Jones Sketch Book Pages ~ Part 1

  1. Larry Levine

    Craig, These treasures are awesome. The fifth image especially showcases Chuck’s mastery in fine art, his use of color & texture was incredible. Looking forward to the next set of pages!!!

  2. JoshM

    Oh, these are wonderful! He was definitely a master of capturing personality and attitude with a few well-placed lines.
    That second-from-last page — the woman in profile — I seem to remember seeing something like that once before but in a more finished form. I can’t remember where I saw it, though.

  3. tyler

    can anyone tell me some famous chuck jones refrences or quotes? I really > really need it! because I have projects for almost all of my school subjects and for art I needed to pick a famous artist to talk about, and have some famous quotes,
    Please and Thank you
    Tyler from Canada

  4. Tracy

    Wow Craig… I am so glad that our paths crossed on Twitter and I now know of this website. I am not an artist, but I am a sentimental appreciator. Thanks so much for sharing these sketches. Were they supposed to bring a tear to my eye? 🙂
    I especially love the image of the older couple…
    Tracy ( @HappinessInside )


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