Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

 # 4 Post:

Sept. 22, 1952…Monday morning

Dear Linda;

At work, by Joe, at 8:15 and awake, too.  An amazing thing.  My co-workers look a little shocked, why?

We spent Saturday night and Sunday day with [friends], so we had little chance to get lonely for you.  Good thing, too.  You must be a pretty big girl because you leave a very large hole in our household.

I got a fifth of I.W. Harper bourbon, a very, very fine and old whiskey for my birthday.  A nice gesture from [the guy who sent it], but there is no way I could tell him that I’m not used to good liquor and that it would probably just give me the pip.

The weather continues very hot and muggy.  As Henry Morgan used to say, “Muggy, followed by Tueggy, Weggy, Thurgy and Frygey.”  At ten o’clock last night we went for a ride through the Hollywood hills in the convertible, with top down, and the air was precisely the same as our bodies.  Sort of like floating in a lukewarm lake.

I am going to start a carving.  I found that one of those pieces of driftwood was very nice inside.  I don’t know what it will be, but it will be fun.  Nothing else in the world quite resembles the effect one gets from handling wood.  Try it some time.

Received your telegram at 9:30 Sunday morning.  Thanks very much.

Keep us informed when inclined and when convenient.  I know you have other correspondents.

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