Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

# 6 Post:

September 25, 1952

Dear Linda;

read in Time that they are trying out a new type of telephone in
Worcester, Mass., I believe, on which you can dial any other telephone
in the United States.  This is just a piece of gratuitous information,
part of our regular service, but it did occur to me that since many of
the people you are meeting over there are from the far reaches of this
country, it would be just as well if this service were withheld from
Hollywood for a few years.  It might be a temptation you would be
unable to withstand if you could just pick up the phone and dial Sally
Krubitsch in Bangor, Maine or Marianne MacGoon in Tallahassee, Florida.

saw “O. Henry’s Full House” last night.  A very good picture.  It
contains five of O. Henry’s short stories, one of which, “The Ransom of
Red Chief” was badly done.  One, “The Gift of the Magi” was pretty
good, and three, “The Cop and the Anthem”, “The Clarion Call”, and “The
Last Leaf” were beautifully and lovingly handled.  I commend both the
picture and these stories to you, if there is an O. Henry collection
there at school and you have time to read outside stuff, by all means
look them up.  It will give you added enjoyment when you have an
opportunity to see the film, maybe during Christmas vacation.

shall continue to recommend pictures to you as we see them.  Perhaps
you would care to note them down.  I have not yet been able to find
“High Noon” with anything except “Don’t Bother to Knock”, a picture I’d
hate to be in the same theater with.

you will find some typing (?) exercises of mine.  I typed them without
looking at the keys and they alternate between “Now is the time for
every good man to come to the aid of his party” and “The quick brown
fox jumps over the lazy dog.”  In my opinion it’s a pretty good
exercise.  It appears quite proper to me as I state in the first
sentence that every “giid mab” should, indeed, assist his “fud osrty”
in this, an election year.  The second sentence sounds sort of
Scandinavian, particularly “oger yje lazr dif”.  “Qwrxz bruwn fov”
sounds more German.  One of the most interesting words I’ve run into in
a long time is in the third sentence:  “Tum4”.  Pronounced “tumfor”, I
guess.  Presents a good many possibilities for other words like
“in4mation”, “in4mality”, or just “You 4 me.”  Un4tunate?  Hey, how
about “4estry”?

his parry” I think is a fine thought in these troubled times.  Have you
gued your parry lately?  “Evert yiif man should gu his parry TODAY!!”

next two sentences take care of themselves, I think, except for “;azr”,
which has a kind of lonely beauty, unusual in the English language.

last sentence is almost perfect.  I couldn’t have stated it better.  If
“laxt sufs” insist upon lying around, they shouldn’t be surprised to be
“kuompd” over by “qwixj briwn fivs”.

in a while I’m going to tell you that I miss you, because I do, just as
I am now telling you that I love you, because I do.  Adios…


Chas. Jones
September 25, 1952
Typing I

Now is thr timr for everyb giid mab to come ti the aid of fud osrty

The qwrxg bruwn fov jumpf oger yje lazr dif

Now ud the tum4 evert yiif man to cume yo rhe aid gu his parry

The qwrch nrown fix gumpe over the ;azr gib

Now is the tume fir every giid mab yo cime yo the ays of gud paery

The qwixj briwn fiv kuompd over the laxt suf

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