Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

# 3 Post:

September 19, 1952 (part 2)

Your clean bill of health cheered me immensely.  Health is a lovely, lovely thing and those who enjoy it are lucky indeed.  Among the many puzzles to me in this giant riddle of the universe is the one that decides who shall be the healthy and who the unhealthy ones; who the lame, the stumbling, the ugly, the bald-headed, the dull and who the healthy, the bright-eyed, the quick of eye, the brainy, the beautiful, and after these decisions are made, how are they justified and by whom?  These gifts are showered on or withheld from babies.  Why?  If you find out, don’t write to me about it, telephone and reverse the charges.

Well…you’ve been a good student and a good daughter and a damn nice person.  Better far in these and other categories than I have any right to expect from what I have invested in you.  This is like putting out a hundred dollars and getting back fifteen years later as a hundred thousand.  A very nice profit.

It’s a pretty thrilling thing, Linda, to be in love with your daughter and your wife.  A man is lucky to have one love, he is stretching his luck to have two, but to have two in his own family is so fantastic that I’m not even mentioning it to Ripley.

My high regards to you and to the many new friends you will make this ensuing year.  If any ideas reach the bubbling point, write ‘em down and send ‘em to us.

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